What you will learn...

What is WordPress 

Updating WordPress 

Domains, Registrars & Servers 

Backing Up WordPress

How-to install WordPress  

WordPress Menu System

WordPress Dashboard 

Posting to WordPress

Basic WordPress Settings 

Add/Modify/Delete Pages 

Picking a WordPress Theme

Adding Images and Video

Installing Plugins and Widgets 

Site Workflow, SEO, Analytics oh my! 

Frequently Asked Questions & The Fine Print

Q: Is this really a 1 day - all day class?  

A: YES... this will be an ALL day event.  Over the past 2 years, I've taught this class in 5 weeks, but some people have indicated they wanted it in 1 day.  So, I've trimmed the fat, and will give you all the meat!  

Q: What about food and breaks?

A: Lunch IS included!   As far as breaks go... yes, we will have those too.  I want to teach, not punish!  You will select your lunch when you register.

Q:  Will the notes be available after class?

A: Of course!  Notes, links, and even some how-to videos so you can follow step by step.

Q: If I need to talk to you after the class, can I call or email you?  

A: Excellent question!  YES.  Each student gets a 30 min phone or skype consultation.  The only fine print is that you need to schedule that consult within the first 5 days after class and has to be completed within 30 days of the class itself.  

Q: Should I bring my laptop?  

A: YES!  All students with have a space created on the server to use during class. Additionally, you'll have access to that space for 30 days after class. 

Q: How many students are allowed?

A: 10.   (with a min of 4 to have the class itself)  

Q: Where where the class be held?

A: The class is being held at Mychal's Learning Place.  Not to be confused with Michaels (the arts & crafts store).  The address is in the header graphic. There is parking in the lot behind the Jones Firewood supply.

Your Teacher

My name is Adam Silver and I have been around technology for a very long time!

From the days of 300 bps dial-up modems and BBS’s to today where we have the Internet just about everywhere we go! 

I’ve been working with WordPress since 2008, and really love learning and sharing what I know.  Truth be told, I really love technology, figuring things out, and sharing that information.  It's just part of my DNA.

To keep myself busy, I’m the creative director at Silver Lining Productions & Silver Lining Photography, and recently created and lead the South Bay WordPress Meetup. 

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